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Community pharmacists in England administered 1,431,538 flu vaccinations to patients under the national NHS Flu Vaccination Service in 2018/19.¹

On 20th July 2015, PSNC announced that community pharmacies in England can offer a seasonal influenza (flu) vaccination service for patients in at-risk groups.  The service can be provided by any community pharmacy that meets the expected regulations, has had the relevant training and notified NHS England they are offering the service.

The provision of flu vaccinations through local pharmacies, with no need for a prior appointment, increases access to this public health initiative to a wider cohort of patients who would not have previously accessed it.

The number of community pharmacies which provided the national NHS Flu Vaccination Service in 2018/19was 9,071 (78.2% of all community pharmacies in England).

The average number of vaccinations carried out by each participating pharmacy was 158, although five contractors greatly exceeded this by completing over 1,000 vaccinations each, with one administering over 2,500 vaccinations.

Compared to the 2017/18 flu season, the NHSBSA figures show that the total number of flu vaccinations administered in 2018/19 was higher by 87,076 with 84 more contractors having provided the service.