We put your health at the heart of what we do. We support healthy living to prevent ill health.


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At Malpas Pharmacy we pride ourselves on the wide variety of health services that we offer to our customers. Ranging from prescription dispensing to flu vaccinations, we aim to look after your health and lifestyle needs with the highest level of care that you could wish. Many of the services we provide are free and you don‘t need an appointment to see us. Just pop in whenever you need our help. Our highly qualified and friendly staff will make sure you get what you need and make the experience a pleasant one. And if we‘ve got the kettle on we might even treat you to a cup of tea and a biscuit!


Let us take the hassle out of ordering your repeat medications with our free repeat prescription service. We know that remembering to order your repeat prescription can be a chore sometime...


Repeat Prescriptions


If you, or anyone you know needs help with alcohol abuse or recreational drugs our pharmacists can provide the needed confidential services in conjunction with a local NHS Drug and Alcohol Service.

Malpas Pharmacy in Newport provides substance misuse services.

Substance Misuse


If you need advice on how to stop smoking we can  help. We know quitting smoking is no easy or quick, which is why we offer expert advice, support and a range of products in our shop that can help you achieve your goals.


Smoking Cessation


We use eMAR cutting edge technology to provide the safest administration of medication to care home residents. Our highly qualified dedicated team delivers individually personalised service. We have a gold standard "go the extra mile" approach that makes sure residents get their medications no matter the day of the week or time of day.

Malpas Pharmacy providing services to Nursing and residential homes

Nursing & Residential Homes


This service is for the provision of free Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) to females aged between 13 to 18 years in the community pharmacy setting.  This is completely confidential and your pharmacist is a medical professional bound by the laws of confidentiality as your doctor is.

Emergency hormone contraception services by Malpas Pharmacy in Newport

Emergency Hormone Contraception


We provide advice and stock of medicines commonly used in palliative care for those patients near the end of life. Having good and convenient access to these medicines means that patients can have the medicines at home they may need.

Close-up of senior woman and nurse holding hands

Palliative Care


The service supports a patient’s journey from one care setting to another. The DMR service will provide support to patients recently discharged between care settings...



Discharge Medicine Review


MUR takes only few minutes and is a private and confidential consultation with your pharmacist. It is an opportunity for you to discuss your medicines and discuss any problems that you may be experiencing.

Malpas Pharmacy Newport medicines use review

Medicines Use Review


The provision of flu vaccinations through local pharmacies, with no need for a prior appointment, increases access to this public health initiative to a wider cohort of patients who would not have previously accessed it.

Malpas Pharmacy Newport flu vaccine

Flu Vaccine

How We Do It?



As highly skilled healthcare professionals we provide a number of additional NHS services commissioned at a National level.

All services are provided following additional comprehensive training and in line with robust Standard Operating Procedures

What We Do?


We put your health at the heart of what we do. We support healthy living to prevent ill health, screen for early diagnosis to stop your health deteriorating and help you to self manage any long term conditions you are living with.

We give you


Our advice is free, without an appointment and at a time and place that is more convenient to you, in the privacy of a private consultation room if appropriate.


We offer professional


Our services are all delivered against Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the highest level of Clinical Governance. Our medicines are fully licensed by the MHRA and obtained through legitimate suppliers. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Often Asked Questions

With all the medications available today, the role of pharmacists is increasingly important to help people understand how to safely take medicines their doctor prescribed and how to safely take those they purchased from a shop.

Last year alone we have responded to thousands of calls and emails answering questions on a range of subjects and topics. Using this information we have answered here some of the most commonly-asked questions. 

At Malpas pharmacy, we advise our patients to request their medication when they have seven working days worth of medication left. This allows us enough time to send the patients repeat prescription to the surgery and receive it in time, to be able to dispense and deliver the medication before they run out. If there is ever a time where a patient is without their medication, we do offer an Emergency supply service for certain medications to make sure that the patient is never without any medication. As a community pharmacy, we work very closely to every surgery in both Newport and Cwmbran and we always aim to provide an efficient service.

90% of our prescriptions at Malpas Pharmacy are delivered so not always are they delivered the same day, we only aim to deliver antibiotic and urgent prescriptions on the same day, and any repeat prescriptions are delivered the following working day after recieving the prescription. If there is ever a time when you are short of medication, please let us know and we will work tirelessly to make sure that it is delivered the same day.

No, at Malpas pharmacy we are open 9-6, Monday-Friday and 9-12 on Saturday and there is always a pharmacist on duty to speak to.

If you are a delivery patient and you want to collect your prescription, then we urge you to please let us know before hand so we are able to make sure that your prescription has not already gone out for delivery and we are able to assign your delivery to a different shelf to make sure it is ready for you to come and collect.

When ordering a prescription you are able to either bring in the physical copy and hand it to one of our pharmacy members, make a phone call making sure you select the right department of usually the online order form where it will be requested by a member of staff at that pharmacy.